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Majlis Tent Supplier & Manufacturer Dubai UAE

Majlis has always been an essential part of the Arabian culture. Over the years, many things have been adapted and changed in the tradition, but Majlis gatherings have remained the same.

Star Tents makes sure to keep the tent’s authenticity and design it in a way that is still relatable to UAE cultural values. However, several modern things have been added to the Majlis tent’s interior, like the majestic style carpet instead of mats. The traditional cushions are replaced with modern rectangular mattresses to add more comfort for the guests.

We manufacture, supply, and install Majlis tents, Arabic tents at various locations across Dubai, Northern Emirates, Abu Dhabi, Madinat Al Zayed, and Sharjah, etc. Our team can also set up Majlid tents for you at remote locations for desert camping. We add all the modern necessities to the Majlis tents, such as high-quality electrical wiring, lighting, air-conditioners, and exquisite interior decoration as per customer’s demand. Contact us now!